Summary of Things,

I have always been fascinated by tech

I studied Information Technology and Informatics at Rutgers University, where I minored in Computer Science and Statistics. I've worked as a Technical Support Engineer, Consultation Agent, CX Design Intern, Team Lead Event Manager, Tutor, and Instructor.

While I really enjoyed the work that I did, I took it upon my own to enhance my design and technical development chops.

Skills: HTML/CSS, Javascript, ES6, React, React Native, SQL, Ruby, Rails, Swift, iOS

In my spare time,

I learn and sharpen my skillset.

I spend my time creating prototypes in Sketch, Photoshop, and Invision, and code components and UI's in React. I love keeping up with modern, minimal, and clean design.

When I'm not dealing with tech,

I'm an adventure junkie.

Things I love: Traveling, meeting new people, hiking, surfing New Smyrna Beach, skydiving, biking, and zipling through the forest while blasting Elton John.