UX/UI Engineer | Frontend Architect

E-commerce UI

THE CHALLENGE: Build a responsive UI for fictional e-commerce site, with toggle/configurable theme and CSS stylesheet

Live Demo | Repo Code

πŸ”Wireframing, Testing, UI Engineer

πŸ’ͺReact, Redux, Styled Components

Web Design | Entrepreneurship

Agave Co.

The challenge: Created a brand for my freelance work, in order to create a higher response rate from small businesses in need of work.

How would I go about connecting new developers with work from small businesses?

Live Site | Repo Code

πŸ”Small Business Research

πŸ’ͺHTML + Custom CSS, Adobe Illustrator

Agave Co.

UI Engineer | Frontend Architect

Financial Dashboard

THE CHALLENGE: Build a responsive page to display small business financial data

Motivating Questions: Why would a business owner be interested in coming to this page? How does the page lead to a concrete action for the business owner?

Live Demo | Repo Code

πŸ”Product Research, Wireframing

πŸ’ͺReact Hooks, Bootstrap, Fushioncharts

Design Research + Full stack Code


The challenge: Capstone full stack application project. Create a real world app with a React front-end and backend of your choice. How would I go about creating a technical learning application for developers?

Project Details | Live Demo | Github

πŸ”Wireframing, Prototyping, Application Design

πŸ’ͺMaterial UI, Custom CSS, React.js + Google OAuth + Firebase DB

Candid App

Custom CSS Design + Full Stack Code


The Challenge: Creating a full stack application with a vanilla javascript front end and a seperate Rails API.

How can we use a Rails API to interface with the Game Board Logic?

Repo Link | Demo Link

πŸ’ͺHTML, CSS, Vanilla Javascript, Rails API, Postgress DB

UX Design Research + Product Ideation

Candid AI

The challenge: Through my experience, research, and observation, I’ve decided to create a mobile application that will use AI to be a candidate’s personalized β€œtechnical interview prep coach” throughout the entire process.Β 

I am currently in the prototype and ideation phase and looking to connect and collaborate, as this currently a side project and self funded but hopefully we can build out something great!Β 

πŸ”User interviews, Mockups, prototyping

πŸ’ͺSketch, Photoshop, Swift/iOS, Xcode

WSJ Connect

Ideation + Product + Business Design

WSJ Connect

The challenge: How can we connect WSJ product suite into Millenial demographics/market?

See Project

1st Place Business Plan Competion Winner

πŸ”Interviews, Mapping, Flow charts

πŸ’ͺSketch, Photoshop, Flinto, Invision


Let's Spoon

About: A Tinder-like swiping web app that matches users based on food preferences. Utilizing React, Yelp API, React-Spring-Hooks, Leaflet Maps API, Rails, Postgres

Live Demo | Code Repo

πŸ”Wireframing, prototyping

πŸ’ͺReact, Spring Hooks, Rails API, Yelp Fusion API, Leaflet Maps


Web Development | Freelance


The challenge: Freelance project - repo cleanup
How can a start-up automate their workflow?

Live Link

πŸ”Reasearch, Project Management

πŸ’ͺGulp, Node.js, Javascript, Stripe API

UI/UX Design

Let's Spoon

The challenge: Create a mobile companion to Let's Spoon web application, with same theme and Tinder-like swipping functionality.


πŸ”Ideation, Wireframing, prototyping

πŸ’ͺSketch, Photoshop, React Native


iOS Development | Design


About: Learning iOS design and deploying application through iOS App Store and XCode (not as easy as it looks!)

5,000+ downloads internationally 2016-2018

See Reviews

πŸ”Design, Deployment

πŸ’ͺSwift, XCode, iOS

UI/UX Design | Human Computer Interaction

Let's Go

The challenge: Capstone UX project for Human Computer Interaction Course, part of Information Technology and Informatics program at Rutgers University.

Alleviates the user experience of planning a vacation and/or traveling. Focuses on user personalization, customization from 100’s of popular and trusted databases, and create a personalized travel itinerary.

Live Prototype | Research, Mapping, & Ideation Process

πŸ”Whole UX process cycle: Ideation, Wireframing, Lo-High Level Prototyping

πŸ’ͺSketch, Photoshop, Invision


Gallery coming soon...

art lion

Paint + Sketching + Spray Paint

Space Lion Collection

Creative Outlet: I take inspiration from nature, human, and space. My style is personal and unique and creating a blank canvas (or js file) from ideation to finished product is something that I am passionate about.

Contact for comissions or collaboration.

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πŸ’ͺ38 x 48 canvas

Need some art? Some websites? Or geek out on anything disruptive, AI, space, and design-related ⚑⚑⚑

I'd love to connect!