ChatBot Product Design

THE CHALLENGE: Build completely custom Sketch component library for mobile chatbot UI

Free Downloadable Custom UI Library Here

Assets are my own

πŸ”Product Research, Wireframing, Zeplin, Sketch

Game Development | iOS Development

ABOUT: Created and designed Santa Run as a fun little side project using Swift and SpriteKit. SpriteKit is awesome.

FEATURES: Character is able to jump on touch and gets points when gets cookie. Player loses when gets carrot. Assets are my own.

πŸ”Illustration, Photoshop, Storyboarding

πŸ’ͺ Swift, SceneKit, SpriteKit, CocoaPods, Xcode,

santa-run santa-run

UI Engineer | Frontend Architect

Financial Dashboard

THE CHALLENGE: Build a mobile responsive web app to display small business financial data

Motivating Questions: Why would a business owner be interested in coming to this page? How does the page lead to a concrete action for the business owner?

ABOUT: My Design Process
SEE LIVE: Demo Page

πŸ”Product Research, Wireframing, Zeplin

πŸ’ͺReact Hooks, Bootstrap, Fushioncharts

Web Design | Branding | Entrepreneurship

Agave Co.

ABOUT: Created a personalized brand for my freelance work, in order to create a higher response rate from small businesses in need of work.

How would I go about connecting new developers with work from small businesses?

Live Site | Repo Code

πŸ”Small Business Research, Product Management

πŸ’ͺHTML + Custom CSS, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

Agave Co.

UX Engineer

E-commerce UI

THE CHALLENGE: Build a responsive UI for fictional e-commerce site, with toggle/configurable theme layout and CSS stylesheet

Click on "palette" icon to change themes in demo
Built in ~<6 hours

Live Demo | Github

πŸ”Sketching, Wireframing

πŸ’ͺReact, Redux, Completely Custom CSS/Stylesheet

Design Research + Full stack Code


The challenge: Capstone full stack application project. Create a real world app with a React front-end and backend of your choice. How would I go about creating a technical learning application for developers?

See Project Details | Live Demo | Github

πŸ”Wireframing, Prototyping, Application Design

πŸ’ͺMaterial UI, Custom CSS, React.js + Google OAuth + Firebase DB

Candid App

Custom CSS Design + Full Stack Code


The Challenge: Creating a full stack application with a vanilla javascript front end and a seperate Rails API. Built a custom game UI from scratch.

How can we use a Rails API to interface with the Game Board Logic?

Repo Link | Demo Link

πŸ’ͺHTML, Custom CSS, Vanilla Javascript, Rails API, Postgres DB

UX Design Research + Product Ideation

Candid AI

The challenge: Through my experience, research, and observation, I’ve decided to create a mobile application that will use AI to be a candidate’s personalized β€œtechnical interview prep coach” throughout the entire process.Β 

I am currently in the prototype and ideation phase and looking to connect and collaborate, as this currently a side project and self funded but hopefully we can build out something great!Β 

πŸ”User interviews, Mockups, prototyping

πŸ’ͺSketch, Photoshop, Swift/iOS, Xcode

WSJ Connect

Ideation + Product + Business Design

WSJ Connect

The challenge: As a CX Designer, how can we connect WSJ product suite into Millenial demographics/market?

See Project Details

1st Place Business Plan Competion Winner

πŸ”Research, Interviews, Mapping, Flow charts

πŸ’ͺSketch, Photoshop, Flinto, Invision


Let's Spoon

About: A Tinder-like swiping web app that matches users based on food preferences. Utilizing React, Yelp API, React-Spring-Hooks, Leaflet Maps API, Rails, Postgres.

Live Demo | Code Repo

πŸ”Wireframing, prototyping

πŸ’ͺReact, Spring Hooks, Rails API, Yelp Fusion API, Leaflet Maps


Web Development | Freelance


The challenge: Freelance project - repo cleanup
How can a start-up automate their workflow?

Live Link

πŸ”Reasearch, Project Management

πŸ’ͺGulp, Node.js, Javascript, Stripe API


Budget App

About: A simple app to manage your monthly budget. You can insert your income, and also your expenses, and it will calculate how much budget you have left for the month, and also shows the percentage that each expense took from your budget.

πŸ’ͺHTML/CSS Modules, Vanilla Javascript


iOS Development | Design


About: Learning iOS design and deploying application through iOS App Store and XCode (not as easy as it looks!)

5,000+ downloads internationally 2016-2018

See Reviews

πŸ”Design, Deployment

πŸ’ͺSwift, XCode, iOS

UI/UX Design | Human Computer Interaction

Let's Go

The challenge: Capstone UX project for Human Computer Interaction Course, part of Information Technology and Informatics program at Rutgers University.

Alleviates the user experience of planning a vacation and/or traveling. Focuses on user personalization, customization from 100’s of popular and trusted databases, and create a personalized travel itinerary.

Live Prototype | Research, Mapping, & Ideation Process

πŸ”Whole UX process cycle: Ideation, Wireframing, Lo-High Level Prototyping

πŸ’ͺSketch, Photoshop, Invision


Web Design | Modern UX

UI Clone

THE CHALLENGE: Learning web design/repsonsiveness by making UI mockups of some of my favorite app interface's:
βœ”οΈ Airbnb, Tinder, Netflix, Spotify

Live Demo (Coming soon)

πŸ”Design, Mockups


Gallery coming soon...

art lion

Paint + Sketching + Spray Paint

Space Lion Collection

Creative Outlet: I take inspiration from nature, human, and space. My style is personal and unique and creating a blank canvas (or js file) from ideation to finished product is something that I am passionate about.

Contact for comissions or collaboration.

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πŸ’ͺ38 x 48 canvas

Need some art? Some websites? Or geek out on anything disruptive, AI, space, and design-related ⚑⚑⚑

I'd love to connect!